Business Improv’s high-energy experiential learning solutions, now in a virtual setting!

“I have been researching, exploring, experimenting and prototyping ways to create and lead agile virtual teams in business for over a decade. From avatars to telepresence, my team and I have invested countless hours collaborating, ideating and testing approach after approach. We have been methodical and intentional with our design and delivery and we have learned every step of the way.

Over the last few years technology finally caught up to us, and our decade of experience opened opportunities for us to lead virtual sessions. I am elated to introduce this Business Improv methodology, and I look forward to walking you through our concepts.”

– Bob Kulhan, Founder & CEO of Business Improv®

For more than twenty years my organization—Business Improv—has had the great privilege of working with truly amazing businesspeople.

Business Improv is the world’s leading provider in high-impact, immediately applicable training that links the tenants of improv to business communication, and leaves students with real-world take-aways that are immediately applicable and translatable into every day life (at work and at home).

Our online solutions are the culmination of those 20+ years of experience linking improv to business, and is the very first of its kind.

We do things differently. Our authentic approach doesn’t crowd out the best of who you are: it helps you enhance your authenticity. I don’t want you to be a different person; I want to teach you how to perform at the top of your intelligence.

We’ve had the great fortune of working with some of the world’s leading behavioral psychologists since I started Business Improv, so for more than twenty years we’ve been studying the how’s and why’s of communication through the lens of decision-making and linking all of that to our Founder's (Bob Kulhan) 25+ years as a professional improviser.

To be clear, this is the very first time that Business Improv is offering open enrollment training—historically, our clients have been high-paying corporations and universities providing training sessions to their employees. We're thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity as a way to have direct access to everybody who wants to grow personally and professionally!

Simply stated, our digital soltuions will help you improve your communication skills, and in doing so, greatly improve your personal and professional lives.

Improvisational Communication

Business Improv's premier training for individuals and organizations that are serious about becoming better communicators, both personally and professionally.

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